A Tribute To Greg Graffin
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     Welcome to A Tribute To Greg Graffin, dedicated to one of the most brilliant man today, Greg Graffin. His lyrics, tone and music capabilities are original and authentic. Here, you'll find info on his solo album, pictures, a sound or two and some other interesting artifacts. Feel free to sign the guestbook, view it, or whatever. And if you have any comments, suggestions, questions, etc., don't hesitate to e-mail me at:

Or, you can contact me through ICQ:   6781715
Updates: June 7th, 1999
  • Decided to lose the idea of frames (couldn't find a good look)
  • More Pictures Added
  • A Fact-Type Document Added
  • Some More Links Added

  • Note: The sound files/video files will be delayed for some time. How long, I don't know. The pics of Greg from the two MuchMusic events ARE up, but I need to find a server who drops off more than 11 MB, so I can store all the videos/sounds on the same server. Please bare with me on this...