RapidFAX Concert Coverage: There was a few small clips of a Bad Religion concert on the Canadian Music Station "MuchMusic" a while back in May, and I recorded it and took snapshots from it.

RapidFAX: This was just a small interview (Also in May) of BR explaining a few details about the pictures in the "No Substance" booklet. I may get sounds and videos from the interview soon to put on this page.

Hcokey: (Again in May). This was when Bad Religion made an appearance in Vancouver to play CFox, a group of local bands. The procedes of this hockey game went to the BC Children's Hospital, and BR said there will be a re-match next year, as it's become an annual event for them to show up, and play against CFox.

Music Videos: This is pretty basic. I see a BR music video on TV, I tape it, I take pictures of Greg from it. Simple enough?


NOTE: All of these snapshots included under these titles HAVE been taped, and taken by me. So, don't use 'em without asking. It's not that hard. There's a link in the side frame to my e-mail address. Click on it, ask for permission, and you'll surely get a reply within 48 hours. If not, I must be away. If that's the case, try finding me on ICQ. My UIN (ICQ#) is: 6781715
- Markovian